Earn To Die Part 2

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Earn To Die 2 game online is a fun zombie shooting and driving game where the only mission is simple; to kill as many zombies as possible. You start out with no cash in the bank and only earn it by driving your car and killing zombies along the way. Each new day you will get further and further until eventually you escape and make it to the safe house. But how many days will it take you to escape? Can you get through the desert and safely reach the safe house? So it’s not just about driving but about smashing into zombies and getting a good score each new day. Very similar to the 1st game but Earn To Die 2 game has some improvements and new features added in that make it a better game to play. For starters there are new levels and newer different zombie types. There are new vehicles available to purchase from the garage too. Overall the graphics are better (bigger) and the animation effects have been improved a little too. Plus there is the new Game Center feature that can help to introduce new players to the game.

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